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South Luangwa National Park is one of the very best wildlife reserves in Africa. Maintaining the diversity and density of game in the valley depends on the combined efforts of the local community, DNPW and the tireless work of non-governmental conservation organisations.

We established Mapazi camp in one of the most remote (and hardest to protect) areas of the National Park knowing that our (and your) very presence in the area would deter illegal activities and facilitate anti-poaching work.

In choosing to safari with us you support our efforts in another important way. Included in the cost of your safari is a contribution to the Luangwa Community and Conservation Fund. At the close of each season the total amount is donated by us on your behalf to two long-standing and expertly run local organisations that help protect this wonderful place.

The Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust CWET)

The CWET provides comprehensive and inspiring conservation education programmes for local children and young people. This award-winning organisation encourages young Zambians to be active conservationists and empowers them to make the changes that are necessary to sustain livelihoods, conserve wildlife and protect the natural environment long into the future.

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Conservation South Luangwa (CSL):

The CSL exists to help protect Zambia’s wildlife. Internationally recognised for their dedication to conservation they work closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife concentrating on anti-poaching patrols, de-snaring and aerial surveillance.In the last year alone 554 snares were recovered, 66 firearms confiscated, and 117 people apprehended in South Luangwa.

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