About Deb Tittle

Born in England, Deb grew up watching Africa’s wildlife on television; these early impressions sparked her life-long fascination with, and study of, animal behaviour.  After university she sought a way to explore these game-rich areas herself and signed up to drive Overland Expeditions throughout East, Central and Southern Africa. Several years, many parks and some great stories later, Deb chose South Luangwa as her intended home.

Her first job in Zambia, running tented mobile safaris, exposed her to the wonders of walking in the bush and with a pair of binoculars sent by Mum she began to study the wildlife more closely.

Deb passed her guiding exams in the mid 90’s and has spent the last 22 years interpreting the nuances of the bush and enjoying Luangwa’s magic with her guests. Whilst developing her own skills (over 2,500 walks) Deb has imparted much of her knowledge to local Zambians many of whom now enjoy successful careers as safari guides and conservationists.

Deb established Mapazi Camp to offer the type of bespoke safari she personally enjoys: walks tailored to the ability and interests of each individual party; every guest involved in the interpretation of the bush, following the action, having fun and honing their own safari skills in the process.

Evenings enjoying cold drinks by the fire, wholesome food, comfortable beds and the sounds of the bush.

Over the coming years Mapazi camp will not only serve as Deb’s base to explore this remote and beautiful corner of SLNP on walking safaris but importantly, serve as a base for anti-poaching patrols in the quiet (off season) months to help protect Luangwa’s wonderful wildlife.

About Jane Addey

Born and educated in London, Jane was inspired by her Mum to explore the wider world, which in turn nurtured her sense of adventure and deep interest in the nature.

For twenty-five years Jane combined her successful career in the City of London with wonderful adventures in some of the world’s wildest places. It was during her safari trips to Africa that Jane became captivated by the beautiful wildlife found on this continent and in particular the wonders of South Luangwa.

On her travels Jane extended her love of photography to wildlife and nature (www.janeaddey.co.uk), a passion she has seriously developed over the last 18 years.

In 2017, after a long and successful business career in London, the opportunity to embark on a new challenge presented itself.

The chance to work with renowned guide Deb Tittle in designing, building and running Mapazi Camp was too good to miss. So Jane decided to follow her passion and immerse herself in the bush.

Jane brings not only her extensive commercial experience to Surefoot Safaris but also a level of practical knowledge and skills that have been invaluable during the design and construction of the camp.

Aside from creating a wonderful experience for visitors to South Luangwa, Jane hopes that the location of Mapazi Camp will do it’s bit to help protect this beautiful area.

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About Deb Tittle